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Moskva. Bottom line: my feet hurt. Yes, great metro and bus system, but stepping out of every metro station and glancing around would hardly give a traveller the right idea of the city. Thus, walking can’t be done without, and so, walk I did.

Jan 1. And the decade begins. Streets quiet (except for the left-over fireworks and blank gunshots that continued until the day I left) and littered with empty bottles of Russian champagne ($2.99/bottle), Ryan and I got up early to get him to Sheremetyevo airport for his noon flight. Buying our train tickets to the airport just in time from the electric walk-up vendor (“3 minutes until next train”), only afterwards did the conductor decide to tell us that the first train wasn’t for another hour.

When I asked, “Because of the new year?” I noticed that it was a bit ominous to already be combining “new year” with “iz-za,” the participle used for negative reasons. No other bad omens have popped up since. (more…)


This country seems to have a perhaps larger-than-average volume of it’s defining idioms, riddles, etc. (note: I base my “average” off of my knowledge of English, French, and Russian).

Accordingly, I’ve concluded that this volume comes from the country’s general quotability.

Accordingly, I’ve decided to share a few instances of the basis of my reasoning in this and future installments of what I’ll call “Quotable.” How have I only now been inspired?

“Quotability?” you ask. I reference the Oxford American Dictionary:

adjective. (of a person or remark) suitable for or worth quoting.

So there you have it. I believe Russia to be worth (perhaps not “suitable,” per se. . .) quoting. And it begins.

Literature class. Olga Vladimirovna supposes:
“If I don’t understand something about a Russian, then I am afraid of him.”
We nod our heads in grave agreement, seated before such prudence.