Happy Day of the Revolution!

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Иркутск, Holidays & Tradition
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Proletariat of All Countries, Unite!

As we learned on Tuesday, the day before Wed., November 4, the National Day of Agreement? Peace?, no one really knows what the November 4 holiday is for. People just know that it was created since the fall of the USSR to replace the other, communist-celabratory holiday, today, November 7, the Day of the Great October Revolution (the October referring to the old-style calendar, when the Revolution took place in 1917).

And people also know that November 4 is now a day off work/school. Accordingly, a friend from my econ class, Vova, and I celebrated with beer and conversation the eve of our day off school. Three (or more) cheers for Russia and Agreement!

As for today, Romany and I and our friends Nelli and Ira are getting together to watch My Fair Lady in Russian and make American cookies po-russki, which in no way relates to Lenin’s and his cronies’ takeover of St. Petersburg over the course of a few hours in 1917. Although, Romany and I agreed, that they were overall molodtsi (“good fellows”) for as smoothy as they got the job done. . . as much as they kind of messed up the next century of Russian history, demographics, economy. . . everything. . . .

The People and Army United!Regardless, the beautiful thing about Russian, is that you can just say “S prazdnikom” (“Happy holiday”) whenever there’s an official or un-official holiday, and people generally won’t ask you which one you’re referring to. So to you new Russians and USSR sympathizers alike, s prazdnikom!

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