350 action on the Russian-Mongolian border

Posted: October 20, 2009 in Иркутск, Out of Town
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350.org is an organization, which has declared October 24, 2009 an International Day of Climate Action. Since my co-traveler to Mongolia, Romany Redman, and I are interested parties, and fall into the category of “international,” we’re planning on participating en route to Mongolia.

But we need ideas for our “climate action”! Other climate actions include rallies, demonstrations, art pieces going up, and other interesting, creative things. And they all feature the number 350 in some way, representing the highest possible, known-to-be safe level of CO2 in the atmosphere. Learn more at 350.org.

We have a few ideas, but would like to hear yours. The only criteria are 1) must include the number 350 and something relating to the environment, and 2) can’t upset the Russians and Mongols on the train, but hopefully will involve them somehow.

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  1. Ryan says:

    I’m feeling some jumping jacks would be appropriate. Or how about singing some national tunes?

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