Blog it up: An “FYI post”

Posted: October 13, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Confession. What can I say. I’m a junkie.

Check out my posts for MiddBlog (Middlebury College’s alternative news source) at My goal is to write about things relevant people on campus, while I am not on campus. Ironic, indeed.

Or just add the MiddBlog RSS feed to your news reader, and read all the great articles featured on the site.

And while we’re at it. If my Twitter feed in the far right-hand column of this page (>>>) isn’t enough for you, follow me @caseymahoney. My goal here is to tweet about things relevant to me, which at the same time are not overly irrelevant to others. There’s a method to all this.

That is all. Grammar calls.

  1. Hiiiiii!!! Somehow I found your blog hiding around the world wide web! Now I can read all about your new life in Siberia! I don’t know why I’m using so many exclamations! Maybe because this is really exciting!! And probably because I just had some coffee!! It’s great to see you on here updating all of us American squares… I’ll have to sit down and really look at all the pictures and posts once midterms week is over. Fall Break is so close to being here! I hope you are well. I just sent you an email. Please do stay warm and don’t turn into Raskolnikov. Peace and love, Angelina.

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