ALERT: Ice cream stands of Irkutsk discovered

Posted: October 8, 2009 in Иркутск
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Wow. On my quick run to a kiosk for a notebook, I purchased, for the great price of 10 rubles (33 cents), about an 8 oz. cup made out of ice cream cone stuff, filled with the best tasting cookies and cream ice cream I’ve ever had. Maybe not ever. But wow. Amazing stuff.

Unfortunately (for my trim figure), these little stands with a big blue sign reading “Мороженое” (ma-RO-zhen-a-ye) and a huge window filled with all sorts of processed and pre-wrapped frozen dairy goods are strategically located throughout the city, at about every bus stop and every 10 meters in between.

I kept hearing that Siberia had “the best ice cream in Russia,” but now I believe it. Today: success.


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